RAJAZZ GUITAR
In 1986 I started to think about recording some of my acoustic guitar compositions, after all I had the equipment and knowledge.
Revox G36 Tape Machines, Teac Portastudio 144, Compressor/Limiters and  Eq. (which I designed in the late 1970's)
Whilst juggling with daily routines I spent many evenings in my studio trying to capture the best takes I could. The recordings are unedited retaining the spirit of the moment, some say duende (with soul and a heightened state of emotion, expressive).
I used my 1968 Gibson J50 and a Yamaha Classical.
1.Dindels Blues.
2.Paint it Black. Jagger/Richards.
3.Lost on the Border.
4.Sonata in C.
6.Ramble Rag.
7.Angie. Graham/Jansch.
9.This Bird Has Flown. Lennon/McCartney.
Raga arrangements on "Paint it Black" and "This Bird has Flown" A. Milner.  
                                                       GUITAR II
1. Hot and Cold. 1985. Guitars; Andy. Drum and Synth Programming; Dave Honan.
2. Bongo Bop. 1982. Guitars and Bass; Andy. Percussion, Temple Drums and Guitar; Richard Furzer. Saxophone; Alan Phillips.
3. Wardance. 1993. Guitars and Bass; Andy. Percussion, Temple Drums and Guitar; Richard Furzer.
4.The Street. 1985. Guitars; Andy. Drum and Synth Programming; Dave Honan.
5. Fairwell. 1990. 1962 Gibson 330 which I modified for this session with a stereo split pick-up.
6. Albatross. P.A.Green. 1969/1990. Gibson 330 as above.
7. Dawn in Viena. 1990. Minor key improvisation. Gibson 330 as before.
8. The Folk Calypso; 1985.  Guitars; Andy. Drum and Synth Programming; Dave Honan.
These were the last recordings from my Chatham Studio, prior moving to South Wales.
Intent records CDAMM1901
A  passion for guitar playing and performance has left me with the spirit of  many places over the years, valuable time spent with the guitar makers of  Spain in the 1970's and travels to the East created a will to achieve some of these styles in the music I write. Recorded by Ricky Gardiner. Special contributions by Virginia Scott-Gardiner and Trevor Stainsby. Recorded as single takes one day in December on a full moon. Covering Spanish/Mexican, Classical, Raga/Eastern fingerstyle guitar playing. A unique experience for  me working in Ricky's peaceful studio.
Released 1994.
Performed live at St. Davids Hall, Cardiff, BBC radio and various festivals.
1. Inside Out.3.47 Manuel Rodriguez Flamenco 1986.
2. Arizona.5.48 Manuel Rodriguez Flamenco 1986.
3. Just Deserts. 3.49 Manuel Rodriguez Flamenco 1986.
4. Dream On. 11.13 Manuel Rodriguez Flamenco 1986.
5. Pow Wow. 4.40 Gibson J50adj 1968.
6. Kinchinjunga (rajazz II). 18.19 Gibson J50adj 1968.
Vocals on 4 and 6 Julie Murphy. 
Programming was a new development for me in recording this unique album of guitar music 1998-2002. All of the tracks were written and recorded whilst suffering from my undiagnosed illness of Chrons Disease (I think some of the desperation of my condition is apparent). The recordings of solo's are all straight takes maintaining the spirit of the moment.
Special thanks to Gary Bevan who encouraged and helped me whilst I was in dire straights. Contributions from Ajijo on Bass and Saxaphone (Selected tracks), and Rod on Drums. Recorded at my home studio (Ground Sound).
Tracks 1 and 7 recorded at Steer Studios ( as were drums on tracks 6 and 8, engineered by Gary Bevan.
Track List
1.La Trek solo manuel rodreguez flamenco.
2.Astrosurf american fender stratocaster 1998. gibson 330 1962. ajijo yamaha bass.
3.Broken Spirit yamaha AEX500n. american fender jazz bass 1999.
4.Wailing Wall gibson J50 adj 1968.
5.Return to Essentials yamaha classical. american fender stratocaster 1998. ajijo sax.
6.Blue Whale american fender stratocaster 1998. ajijo yamaha bass. rod on drums.
7.No Agents solo manuel rodreguez flamenco.
8.Spring Brownie american fender stratocaster 1998. rod on drums.
9.Ripple Roller american fender stratocaster 1998. ajijo yamaha bass. 10.Woodland Scurry solo gibson J50adj 1968.
Andy Milner's "Soft Touch" collection of songs and music were recorded 2002-2005 at my studio Ground Sound.
Two of the songs "Lost at Sea" and "Time" are folk tracks, namely my old faithful Gibson J50 acoustic guitar with vocals, and were written some 15 years ago. I feel the songs retain some innocence which is the way I always planned them. "Be With You" started out as a samba around 1998 with guitars and programmed drums, it was when I recorded the bass in 2001 that it was apparent there was space enough for a vocal, so after getting a loose 1st take on the drums with rod, I set to paint a picture and recorded the vocals in October 2003, it stayed that way till September '05 when Nik Turner supplied a reassuring sax solo.
"Hands and Head" and "Counterfeit State" are self explanatory. Its fair to say I wrote the words on days when I felt very vulnerable due to my Crohns problem, which leads to "Ramblings" and "Take Me Up"  which came to me at Prince Phillip Hospital Llanelli in 2001 whilst experiencing morphine following life saving surgery. The vocals were recorded in the autumn of 2003. More loose drums on these four tracks with Django Freil adding plenty of feel. Sax with Nik Turner was added in September of this year 2005. My son Ben joined me with a bass guitar sample on "Counterfeit State". "Astrosurf" is a remix from my "Lost on the Border" CDAMM 1902. This time its got live drums by rod, recorded at Steer Studios in 2000. Saxophone by Nik Turner and a trumpet sample by Lawrence Ford.
"Folly" dates back to the last century again....... 1998, its an instrumental utilising a big chunk of E minor pentatonic scale with associated chords.    On reflection writing and producing the songs and music has been seriously hard work, surprisingly the keyboard work was the most enjoyable especially on, "Be with You" and "Ramblings". The bass guitar parts I found demanding often working on the structure/playing for weeks with each song, trying not to copy my guitar parts whilst offering some virtuosity to the performances.
Track List
1.Hands and Head.4.29 Yamaha thin line steel electro acoustic, Fender jazz bass guitar, Fender Stratocaster + AC 15, Keyboards, Vox. Django Freil: Drums. Nik Turner: Saxophone.
2.Ramblings.5.39 Fender Stratocaster guitar, Programming, Fender jazz bass guitar, Yamaha thin line steel electro acoustic, Vox, Keyboards. Django Freil: Drums Nik Turner: Saxophone.
3.Be With You.7.19 Yamaha thin line nylon electro acoustic, Fender jazz bass guitar, Fender Stratocaster, Keyboards, Vox. Rod: Drums. Nik Turner: Saxophone. 4.Lost at Sea.2.45 Gibson J50 acoustic, Vox.
5.Take Me Up.5.45 Fender Stratocaster guitars, Fender jazz bass, Keyboards, Programming, Vox. Django Freil: Drums
6.Time.2.33 Gibson J50 acoustic, Vox.
7.Astrosurf (Remix).6.54 Gibson 330 guitar, Fender Stratocaster guitar, Fender jazz bass. Rod: Drums. Nik Turner: Saxophone. Lawrence Ford: Trumpet sample. 8.Counterfeit State.4.21 Fender Stratocaster guitar + AC 15, Yamaha thin line steel electro acoustic, Vox. Ben Milner: Fender jazz bass sample. Django Freil: Drums Nik Turner: Saxophone.
9.Folly. 3.14 Programming, Yamaha thin line steel electro acoustic, Fender Stratocaster guitar, Fender jazz bass. Django Freil: Drums.  
2015 onwards. Classical Mexican Spanish ambient with beats. 
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